Canadian , American and British Bloodlines


Norfolk (folded ear) and Norwich (prick ear) Terriers were originally the same breed and were first bred in England. They were developed from crossing various small breeds of terriers and were used as farm dogs, vermin hunters and as fun-loving family pets. Their short, double coat is weather resistant and comes in all shades of red, wheaten, black and tan and grizzle. The ideal height is 10 inches high at the shoulders, the ideal weight is 11 - 12 lbs.

Norfolk and Norwich are powerful for their size and they will always announce the presence of strangers. They are not guard dogs, however, as friendliness is a dominant characteristic. These terriers are curious, sensitive, feisty and hardy little dogs. They are tough physically and long-lived.

Regular exercise and grooming are required, a fenced yard is a necessity. Because they are clever and learn quickly, early obedience and socialization is recommended. They have a loveable disposition, make excellent family pets and get along well with other dogs and children.



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