Puppies occasionally available to approved homes. Puppies are not always readily available.

We breed only occasionally and litters are small. All our adults are Champions in Canada and/or the U.S. before being bred. The Norfolk and Norwich breeds have relatively few health problems but our breeding animals receive Health tests on hearts, eyes and hips - all are vet checked. We use only quality, healthy dogs with the hopes of producing that perfect show puppy that will truly exemplify our breeding programme! Finding the best homes for our little ones is the most important job we do!

We invite those interested in buying a puppy to come to our home to meet us all so we can get to know you and make an informed decision about where our pups are placed. If this is geographically impossible we would like to talk on the phone.

We need to know what you feel you can offer a puppy and what you expect from the pup you buy. We like to find out about your family and why you have an interest in Norfolk or Norwich Terriers. If you are seriously interested it is recommended that you get on the list for a puppy and keep in regular contact with us. You must meet our whole 'family' to really know if the breed is right for you. We work hard to ensure puppies are well socialized.

They live their first weeks of life in our bedroom where we keep a close eye on their development and begin early socialization. When fully weaned the pups graduate to the kitchen, where they are introduced to everyday sounds, people of all ages and the other dogs in the household. Before they go to their new homes:

  • Pups have been microchipped for identification,
  • Have had age appropriate puppy shots and are wormed.
  • They are vet checked.
  • We lay the foundation for crate and house training.
  • We provide socialization and experiences in a family environment
  • Pups come with a two year guarantee for temperament and genetic health problems.
  • We offer a Contract and Canadian Kennel Club Purebred Dog Registration papers.
  • Pets are sold on a nonbreeding agreement.
  • We will provide references.
  • We provide breeder support for the life of the dog.